The CEO Kitchen Challenge

The Culinary Challenge


Cystic Fibrosis Queensland turns 'Head Honchos' into 'Head Chefs'.

In front of friends, family and supporters, Brisbane CEOs can demonstrate what they are made of in the kitchen at our CEO Kitchen event at MODA Events Portside, Thursday 14 March 2019.

The challenge is to prepare, in the allocated time, a chef worthy dish that meets the nutritional needs of a person with cystic fibrosis.

The good news is that the cystic fibrosis diet is high in calories, so it is your chance to be decadent. What is considered as a sometimes dish for you could be an everyday dish for a person with cystic fibrosis.


Fundraising Target


Each CEO Kitchen Chef must commit to raising $3 000 for our cause. Our online fundraising portal makes it easy to share through your social networks and advocate for our cause.

We encourage collaborating with a colleague – you can enter as a team of two or bring in a sous chef. It is a great way to maximise your fundraising networks.


Cystic Fibrosis Queensland CEO Kitchen Award


CEO Kitchen Head Chef

Awarded to CEO Chef that is the top fundraiser.


CEO Kitchen Master Recipe Chef

Our CEO Kitchen judges will decide which dish demonstrates the best cooking technique, flavour and meets the nutritional needs of the cystic fibrosis diet


CEO Kitchen People’s Choice

The favourite dish as selected by our cystic fibrosis community.


Event Program


Thursday 14 March 2019

CEO Kitchen Chefs arrive 5pm

Cocktail event from 6-9pm

Venue: MODA Events Portside

Supply of Ingredients


There will be opportunity for you to bring some of your own ingredients to add your individual flair, however we endeavour to provide a basic pantry to work from.



To create the theatre of a cook-off you will be cooking in the open event space at workstations. Each workstation will have basic equipment, with additional equipment available by request. CEO Kitchen Chefs are welcome to bring their favourite tools of trade with them:

Cooking will be limited to stove top only as no ovens will be available.

For more information about this amazing media and marketing opportunity contact our Business Development and Marketing Manager Roz Fenson 07 3359 8000 or email