Meet the CEO – John Lazarou

5 Minutes with John Lazarou

What is the most emotive meal that you have ever eaten?

This would have to be horse which I ate while at a steakhouse in Switzerland. It was accompanied with mustard and horseradish.

Taste is linked to memory – what is your favourite taste and where does it take you?

Homemade pasta! When I was a young boy I remember my grandmother making it while I played with the dough and got in her way.

Food matching is important – it can turn an average meal into something sublime – when serving champagne, what do you think is the perfect match?

Caviar with crème fresh! I recently enjoyed this in Prague while on vacation. It was amazing!

What has been your most surprising food experience – where was it and what did you eat?

While on vacation in Greece we found this little kiosk on the island of Rhodes and ordered fish with a side of fresh vegetables. Due to the appearance of the store, we weren’t expecting a high standard, but we were blown away by the quality and flavour.  It was absolutely delicious!

What were you eating when you first fell in love and more importantly, who with?

My very first love is my wife Maria. We met when I was 16 years old had our first date at KFC in Kangaroo Point. After 36years together we still have a laugh when we drive past that KFC.

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